Lake Atitlan

...the most beautiful lake in the world!

Vulcano Lodge

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Vulcano Lodge is about as far away from civilization as
you can get and still sleep in a clean bed.

About Us:
Enjoy the comforts of gracious lodging, the satisfaction of carefully prepared and presented gourmet meals, and the delight of lush gardens and vibrant birdlife set against Lake Atitlan and its towering volcanoes.
Your hosts Monica and Terje Maeland came from similar country – the fjords of Norway – twenty years ago and were captivated by Guatemala and the dream of building a fine hotel in this exotic, beautiful and tranquil corner of the world. Vulcano Lodge (situated in the tiny, remote village of El Jaibalito and accessible only by boat or on foot) is a perfect blend of European style and service with unmatched natural beauty, privacy, and comfort.
Facilities & Services:
If getting there is half the fun, it follows that being there is the other half. We think that's the half you'll enjoy most when you are with us at Vulcano Lodge. Our small establishment (eight rooms and one suite) offers spacious lodging, expansive grounds, stunning vistas, and immediate access to all that Lake Atitlan has to offer. Our rooms are spotlessly clean, comfortable, graciously decorated, and secure. The food (three meals each day, if you wish) is superb and hygienically prepared using local, normally organic products. The staff provide excellent, friendly, informed service and the kitchen a varied and delicious menu.
Dinning at Vulcano Lodge is an experience you are sure to enjoy. Count on meals inspired by available, local meats, fish, fruits and vegetables. It is a feast for the eyes as well as the appetite.
Any number of tours and activities are available around the lake. We have worked out a series of hikes (of varying degrees of difficulty) that are particularly interesting. For example, there is a trail the Mayans of Jaibalito have used to go to the Solola market for centuries. Another from the village of San Jose Chacaya (sha-ka-ya), runs atop the crater rim then takes the hiker down the path seen in the photo below and to Vulcano Lodge.
The view is beyond belief!
  • Hanging Garden Room $40
  • Cactus Garden Room $54
  • Vulcano Suite $76
  • Hanging Garden Room sleeps 2
  • Cactus Garden Room sleeps up to 4
  • Vulcano Suite sleeps up to 5
Prices are in US$ – They include breakfast & 22% tax.
Each room has a private bath with great hot showers. Prices above include continental breakfast for two. Full breakfast and lunch are served at the restaurant from 8:00 am until 3:30 and we offer a hearty, delicious family-style dinner if reservation is made by 1:00 pm.
Groups should talk with us about opportunities for special programs with or without guide and transportation service. Tours and hikes vary in price depending on where you want to go, how many people, etc. A variety of car, bicycle, motorcycle rental services is also available nearby; speak to us about your options. Most of our guests agree that a boat tour of the lake and surrounding villages is a don't-miss experience; we can arrange boat trips with our trusted partners for groups, couples or the lone traveler to see exactly as much or as little as wanted.
Of Special Note:
Vulcano Lodge comfortably accommodates groups of from four to twenty-four people. Stay a week or longer and we'll give you with a special rate. Would you like an all-inclusive option? Vulcano Lodge works with your group to accommodate special dietary requirements (e.g. vegan, food allergies) and plan menus that meet both the needs of your travelers and the budget of the group.
Dining at Vulcano Lodge is truly a gracious experience and you don't have to be a guest to enjoy it. We often host groups of travelers (hikers, day trippers, or guests of other hotels on the lake) for dinner and also provide a sumptuous breakfast and lunch – packed to carry, if you wish.
In our view, a fine meal is a feast for the senses and that's why Vulcano Lodge has a selection of good wines, as well as beer, most typical liquors, and quality cigars. It really doesn't get much better than this.
How to find us:
Vulcano Lodge is situated in the tiny, remote village of El Jaibalito. Because it's accessible only by boat or a moderately challenging footpath, getting here is somewhat of an adventure in itself, but basically simple.
From Pana, it typically costs Q20 for a ride to Jaibalito on a public boat, but can cost more if you have a lot of luggage. Private boat typically costs Q 100 to 125. The ride is about 20 minutes; the rear of the boat is often drier and more comfortable if the waves are up or it is raining. The front of the boat is more fun if the sun is out and you want to see the surrounding mountains.