...the most beautiful lake in the world!

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Travel Magazine, Destination Site & Environmental & Social Projects

Atitlan.com has gone though a few permutations since I first bought the domain over twenty years ago and it's time for it's next reincarnation. When I started websites were still a novelty, and not knowing what one should or could be, I created a travel magazine with antidotes and observations I had accumulated over the years.

Then I turned it destination site where travelers could book rooms, houses and hotels. While I will continue to be a destination site, I would also like to go back to doing what I did when I started, namely sharing observations and antidotes. While not particularly remunerative, I enjoyed sharing my thoughts and stories on Lake Atitlan and the Maya who live here, and traffic stats would indicate they were well received.

But I am also going to take Atitlan.com in new directions, in particular I want promote what I feel are well conceived and executed environmental and social projects of which there are any number. That said, the lake has become a haven for well meaning, but all too often, unproductive projects. I hope to promote those that actually do good, both by presenting them to a wider audience and financially, but sharing the proceeds of what we sell. For example, 10% of the retail price of the coffee we sell will go to environmental projects around the lake.