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Any trip to Guatemala should include spending at least a few hours in the famous Chichicastenango market.

I was intrigued by the colors on the wall
Off to school.
Overlooking the market.
Taking firewood to the market.
The women of "Chichi" wear an intricate and colorful "huipil", or blouse, distinct to the region.
Considering how much the world has changed since 1960, when this photo was taken, it's amazing how unchanged Chichi is. There are more people now and plastic keeps vendors dry and out of the sun, but Quiche is commonly spoken and native dress still prevalent.

Most people who come to Guatemala visit Chichicastenango. Every Thursday and Sunday is market day in "Chichi". Thousands of Quiche Mayans come to town to buy and sell. This market is said to be the largest native market in North America.

Vans of international travelers visit Chichi on market day. I must say it's a bit weird to hear German, French, Italian, English, Spanish and Quiche spoken around you at the same time. Stranger still, walk two meters off the main tourists paths and only Quiche is heard—which by the way I highly recommend doing.

I suggest scheduling one leg of any visitors trip between Lake Atitlan and Antigua on a Thursday or a Sunday to see the Chichicastenango market. We can book your transport on our transport page. Be sure to tell us you want to stop at the 'Chichi' market.

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