...the most beautiful lake in the world!

Atitlan Premium Coffee

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Our special blend of two unique lake micro climates resulted in this great breakfast-friendly coffee; low in acidity and high in flavor. This is what I drink every morning.
Qnt: $9.00 $0.90 $9.90 3
San Pedro
This bold coffee is grown on the lake side of San Pedro Volcano, giving it a constant humid breeze from the waters of the most beautiful lake in the world! It has nice sparkling lemon drop acidity, with soft caramel flavor and spice notes.
Qnt: $9.00 $0.90 $9.90 3
La Gloria
This darker blend is great for after dinner, especially with dessert; as its perfect balance of medium and dark roasts will pair with even the richest pastries.
Qnt: $9.00 $0.90 $9.90 3
A classic Espresso. Exquisite, well-balanced blend of chocolaty and butterscotch tones. Nippy, bright acidity, clean finish.
Qnt: $9.00 $0.90 $9.90 3
Amazing Grace
Ultra smooth. nutty, with hints of blueberry and, if you close your eyes, sun ripened huckleberry. Coffee you can drink all day, every day!
Qnt: $9.75 $0.98 $10.73 3
Special Reserve
This single estate coffee tastes like Hawaiian Kona; limited availability. Smooth with medium body and just enough acidity to know its there. This coffee has a delicious Nougat taste, that will have you going for another cup!
Qnt: $11.25 $1.13 $12.38 3
Huehuetenango Organic
This coffee is surprisingly smooth with wonderfully complex chocolate notes—it's like tangy saxophone music in a cup!
Qnt: $12.00 $1.20 $13.20 3
1 10% goes to Lake Atitlan environmental and social projects.
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