Lake Atitlan

...the most beautiful lake in the world!

Hotel Atitlan

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Hotel Atitlan is among Guatemala's elite
cadre of fine hotels

About Us:
Hotel Atitlan, among Guatemala's elite cadre of fine hotels, is situated in picturesque Panajachel, Solola.
Hotel Atitlan was designed as a home away from home for the most discriminating traveler. This precious gem is intimate and elegant in a classically understated way.
To complete its serene ambiance, Hotel Atitlan offers a wide range of service, Guatemala's most attentive staff, extraordinary cuisine, and without doubt some the most dramatic and appealing scenery in the world.
Facilities & Services:
The Atitlan Nature Reserve
A short walk from the hotel is the Atitlan Nature Reserve. It has a Butterfly reserve, herb gardens, suspension bridges, spider monkeys wild in the trees, a wonderful visitor center and an exciting new Zip-Line.
Bird Watching
Nestled within the rain forest on our property are special locations chosen for the pleasure of the serious bird watcher. A list of sighted birds on our property has now exceeded 250 species.
Kunabal Kip Spa
The word SPA does not do justice to the extraordinary kaleidoscope of massages, exercises and forms of healing that for centuries identified the lifestyle of the Maya-Quiche culture. Kunabal Kip is an experience of feeling young and full of life. The name by itself means a place of life, experience and healing; this is reflected in its design, philosophy and approach to healing. Live the Kunabal Kip experience, surrounded by beautiful, carefully-manicured gardens by the shore of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Our wellness center brings together key elements of the ancient Maya culture as well as some modern western therapies.
Hikes & Walks
It is a 45-minute hike up to San Jorge from the Hotel. The hike from Santa Cruz to San Marcos is lovely, and takes about two hours and 30 minutes. One can wander the Nature Reserve for hours and enjoy zipping through the foliage suspended on a harness on the new zip-line. Those in good physical shape can climb Volcanos Atitlan or San Pedro.
  • Single or Double $189
  • Triple $226
  • Jr Suite $299
  • Master Suite $366
  • Single or Double – 1 King or 2 Queen beds
  • Triple – 3 Twin beds
  • Jr. Suite – 1 King or 2 Queen beds
  • Master Suite – 1 King bed
Prices are in US$. They include 22% tax.
Of Special Note:
The decor is in the Spanish-colonial hacienda style favored by the Guatemalan plantation owners of the 18th century. A fantasy of ornate gardens, exotic birds, hand-carved furniture, and gorgeous ceramic tiles makes Hotel Atitlan a unique place indeed.
The Hotel's restaurant has an elegance that has been compared to that of chic California dining places. The main dining room is decorated in tones of terra-cotta, burgundy and teal and features huge windows, wooden columns, a fireplace, and gold-leaf side tables.
The bar is adjacent to the restaurant. Cozy and home-like, the bar has its own character.
The thatched roof "Ranchito" is devoted to functions and banquets, and is accessible by cobblestone pathways through manicured gardens.
How to find us:
We're located in the San Buenaventura Valley, just a 15 minute walk from Panajachel along the lakeshore in the first bay to the north.