Lake Atitlan

...the most beautiful lake in the world!

Aurora del Lago

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Santiago Atitlan

Home of the Tzutujil Kings and Queens

About Us:
Hotel Aurora del Lago is located across the bay from Santiago Atilan, at the base of a hill called Chininamit, where the rulers of the Tzutujil lived before the arrival of the Spanish. Tzutujil is still the predominant language of the town.
Our goal is to provide an ecologically responsible, top-top-notch boutique hotel a short boat ride from Santiago Atitlan.
We can accommodate individuals or large groups who wish to enjoy our extensive facility, which includes a four-level hotel with views of the lake, as well as group meeting rooms and classrooms where conferences and classes can be offered.
Facilities & Services:
  • 2 suites
  • Fresh breakfast served in-room
  • King Size beds
  • Private boat service
  • Enjoy a drink in our intimate garden
  • Private yoga class on demand
  • Internet available
  • 24 hour security
  • Private beach & dock
Among the numerous activities available, you can swim, dive, kayak or paddle in the Lake Atitlan. If you like to walk, many hikes are opened around the lake to go through local villages, and of course climbing Volcano San Pedro is a must!
  • Volcano Room $65
  • Lago Room $75
Prices are in US$ – They include 22% tax & breakfast. Prices can vary for Christmas and Easter weeks.
Of Special Note:
Guatemala's nickname is the "Country of Eternal Spring" and Lake Atitlan is the region where sun shines 365 days a year, offering hot and bright days and cool nights. No air-conditioned or heater needed.