Lake Atitlan

...the most beautiful lake in the world!

Hotel Regis

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  • Single $60 – Double $87
  • Triple $104 – Quad. $126 see below

Since 1934 ...where to stay in Panajachel

About Us:
Eighty years ago the fortunate few who visited Atitlan had nowhere to stay. To accommodate them, Ernesto Weymann built Hotel Regis.
Recently the hotel came under new management. They have added new amenities, such as spa facilities, while being careful to maintain the rustic style that has made it popular all these years.
Facilities & Services:
Regis Hotel & Spa has 24 ample and comfortable rooms, all equipped with private bathroom, hot water, cable TV and fireplaces.
Additionally, the hotel offers:
  • A natural thermal water hot tubs
  • A Mayan sauna or what is called a "temascal"
  • A cold waterfall
  • A massage hut
  • Single $60
  • Double $87
  • Triple $104
  • Quad, $126
Prices are in US$ – They include breakfast & 22% tax.
Of Special Note:
Regis Hotel boasts a large garden away from the busy streets while being centrally located.
The PAYA restaurant the ideal place to spend time with friends in a special environment setting the mood with lounge music. You can choose from international and local cuisine and a variety of wines and cocktails.
How to find us:
The hotel is on Calle Santander, the main road in Panajachel.