Lake Atitlan

...the most beautiful lake in the world!

Hotel Santo Tomas

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As much a museum as a fine hotel.

About Us:
While Chichicastenango is not on Lake Atitlan like the rest of the villages represented on, few who come to the lake don't also visit "Chichi" – and the best hotel in Chichicastenango is Hotel Santo Tomas.
Many stop in Chichicastenango for the night on the way from Antigua to Panajachel (or visa-versa) on Thursdays or Sundays, – market days.
While you will be inundated with street vendors, most of the market it dedicated to Mayans buying and selling to each other – buying and selling what they have sold since long before Columbus. Step out of the hotel and everything changes; strange fruits and vegetables, disconcerting odors, children playing – in an utterly different language. It's wild.
Facilities & Services:
The hotel has 75 comfortable rooms, most overlook a beautiful colonial style courtyard with colorful macaws on perches. Meals are served in the large dinning room. The lunch buffet is not to be missed.
  • Single $110
  • Double $130
  • Triple @ $158
Prices are in US$ – They include 22% tax.
Of Special Note:
The hotels looks like a museum. The owner's magnificent collection of antique weavings, wood carving and furniture is on display throughout the hotel.
How to find us:
Chichicastenango is about 45 km. (25 mi.) and 145 km (90 mi.) from Guatemala City. The best way to get there is to take a shuttle from Guatemala City, Antigua to Chichicastengo then another from there to Panajachel or start in Panajachel, go to Chichi and on to Antigua and/or Guatemala City.To book a shuttle go to