Lake Atitlan

...the most beautiful lake in the world!

Hotel Tiosh Abaj

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Santiago Atitlan

In the heart of a true Mayan village

About Us:
Hotel Tiosh Abaj is a unique resort facility where you can be nurtured by enchanting Lake Atitlan and immerse yourself in the rich and colorful ancient and modern culture of the Maya of Guatemala.
Our goal is to provide great service in a beautiful setting. The diversity of activities and the ecological and cultural experiences here are unmatched in other parts of the world. In Santiago Atitlan, travelers will have a true Mayan-village experience.
We can accommodate individuals or large groups who wish to enjoy our extensive facility, which includes a four-level hotel with views of the lake, as well as group meeting rooms and classrooms where conferences and classes can be offered.
Facilities & Services:
  • 8 suites
  • 22 standard rooms
  • Restaurants & bar
  • 3 large conference rooms
  • Pool
  • Beautiful large garden
  • Internet available
  • 24 hour security
  • Private beach & dock
We are one of the largest quality hotels on the lake, with ample facilities for meetings and special events.
  • Volcano Room $65
  • Lago Room $75
Extra bed $10
Prices are in US$ – They include 22% tax.
Of Special Note:
Our guests from around the world will enjoy the stunning views of three volcanoes and the lush gardens.
Relax and rejuvenate while enjoying the tropical weather and ever-changing skies of this magical place.
How to find us:
From the Santiago dock walk up the hill. Take a right as you enter the village and follow that road until you see our sign.
There are kids who, for a nominal tip, will walk you to the hotel.