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Lake Atitlan

...the most beautiful lake in the world!

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"To all the runners of the world, this is a marathon you MUST run at least once in your life time. The course is excellent, challenging but, isn't that what endurance running is all about? The view of the lake, the people are just great, good people, the organization was incredible! Amazing! I will definitely come back in 2013."
Lenin Lopez, Sylmar, California, USA

"This marathon is fantastic. The course is stunning. Yes it is steep but don't let that put you off because there is maybe 15k of really scenic downhill as a reward after your climbs! I was hugely impressed with how well organized it is. The aid stations are frequent, the people are friendly–what else can I say? I LOVED it!! Please support it next year, it totally rocks and you will NOT be disappointed. Well done to all the event organizers-a great job."
Kristina Margarita Milne, 1st women (42k),
New Zealand

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One would doubt that the illustrious messenger of ancient Greece took the time to admire the scenery, but then

...he didn't have a view like this:

panotamic view of lake atitlan

"One of the ten best challenge marathons in the world."

There are more famous marathons. There are certainly bigger marathons, but no marathon anywhere is run in a more spectacular setting than along the shores and over the cliffs of Atitlan. See map and photos below. can book your hotel in Panajachel (or anywhere in Guatemala) and your transportation. There are rooms available for $20 to $200+. Needless to say, you get what you pay for, but hotels in Guatemala are a bargain. For $20 you can stay in a decent room with a shared bath – both spotlessly clean. Spend $200 and live in the lap of luxury!


• $20 to $50 – Double room


• $50 to $100 – Double room


• $100+ – Double room

The offers above include a 15% discount on transport from Antigua or the airport in Guatemala City and back after the race. We have both a regularly scheduled shuttle services and private vans (the discount applies in either case).

Please fill out the form to the upper right and give us an idea of your price range (Budget, Medium or Luxury). We will find an appropriate room or rooms and send you photos and final prices before you are asked to commit to anything. Most will find hotels in the region very reasonably priced.

As the marathon is both sponsored and organized by the Sector Turistico del Lago Atitlan we will work with those hotels exclusively. Please be sure to include any information we need to know to make your trip a success.

If you are planning to race you will need to register with Please select:

Register for races Register for 10K Race Register for Half Marathon Register for Challenge Marathon

Map and photos of the Challenge Marathon:
Both the 10K and Half Marathon are run on the road between Panajachel and San Antonio Palopo.