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Rotary e-Club of Lake Atitlan Peg Partners

The David LaMotte School in Tzancha, Santiago Atitlan

Three girls who are students at the David LaMotte School
Partners in Education

PEG was founded in 2004 by David LaMotte and his wife Deanna, and since then has supported over a dozen schools and libraries in projects to expand their buildings, book holdings, classrooms, teachers’ salaries and infrastructure. Thousands of children’s lives have been touched in the process.

The Rotary Club of Asheville, NC, with matching funds from Rotary International, have generously financed the construction of a new school building for the David LaMotte School in Tzancha in the municipality of Santiago Atitlan. The Rotary Club of Lake Atitlan (ReCLA) is the local representative.

I plan on documenting the construction of the school with photos and videos and posting them here.

Note: English translations can be viewed by clicking 'Watch on YouTube', then clicking the 'CC' button (closed caption) option on the lower right.

David LaMotte School
David LaMotte School plan