...the most beautiful lake in the world!


We would be happy to reserve transport from the Guatemala City
airport (GUA) to Antigua and from there on to Lake Atitlan.

  • Guatemala is a short flight from Houston (2h 40m), Dallas (3h 9m), Atlanta (3h 32m), Fort Lauterdale (2h 35m) and Miami (2h 40m).
  • Most people who visit Lake Atitlan fly in to Guatemala City, and from there go directly to Antigua.
  • After a few days in Antigua (a beautiful colonial town that shouldn't be missed) travelers go to Panajachel via the Pan American Highway.
  • From Panajachel travelers take boats to other villages on the lake such as San Pedro, San Marcos, Santa Cruz and Santiago Atitlan.
  • Here is a better map of the region: Google Maps.
  • By no means is Antigua or Lake Atitlan the only places in Guatemala worth visiting. Indeed, you are barely scratching the surface of what Guatemala has to offer. Go the famous market in Chichicastenango on Thursdays or Sundays (which many do while traveling between Antigua and the lake), but even then there is much more to explore.