...the most beautiful lake in the world!

Antidotes & Observations

Travelers are foreigners; outsiders looking in on a world that by definition, is not theirs. As such they miss a lot, however they do have the opportunity to see the world around them as only an outsider can. Here is some of what I have seen over the years.

Guatemalan Slingshots
We all have our peculiarities and a fondness for Guatemalan slingshots is one of mine.
Santa Maria de la ConcepciĆ³n
If asked about what villages one should visit that are off the beaten path I always recommend Santa Maria de la Concepcion.
Catholicism and the Maya
What we think Catholicism is, is not what the Mayas think it is.
Drying Coffee
Lake Atitlan's low latitude and high altitude make the region ideal for coffee production.
Shade Tree Coffee
Guatemala is a huge producer of coffee and their best coffee is grown in the highland under shade trees.
Santiago Atitlan Dress
The Tzutujil of Santiago Atitlan are some of the best weavers in Guatemala.
A Trip to Santiago Atitlan
Santiago Atitlan without a doubt is one of the most picturesque villages in Central America.
The Cemetery in Solola
As cemeteries go, you could do much worse.
A Street Corner
An illustration of the mundane.
Most people who come to Guatemala visit the famous Chichicastenango market.