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A visit to The Cemetery in Solola

As cemeteries go, Solola's isn't so bad.

The view from the cemetery.
Sr. Cuchuj's tomb.
This old man only spoke Mayan.
Two Mayan men from Solola.
Space for crypts are bought from the city and built by individuals for their family or, as in this photograph, sold to others.
The cemetery wall.

The cemetery in Solola would be a fine place to be buried. The view is magnificent. Needless to say, if you go to heaven the view won't matter. If you go to hell, the view won't help. Still, most would agree that a picturesque tomb would be agreeable, or at least more agreeable than one not so picturesque.

I met an old man there who didn't speak Spanish. I tried to engage him in conversation. He seemed willing, but lacked the vocabulary. He did indicate this was his family crypt and his final resting place. It was only a matter of time.

It was clear he had invested significant effort and money into the mausoleum. Expensive enamel paint and elaborate cornices showed how important it was to him. He stood very still and contemplated his labors and never glanced at the view.

He was dressed in the brilliant clothing the Mayans of Solola wear. He also wore a gray, acrylic sweater he must have bought used in the market. I realize it will be of little consequence on judgment day, but I do hope he isn't wearing that dreary sweater when he meets St. Peter.

Since I first posted this over twenty years ago, the cemetery has been given a face lift. The view is still spectacular.

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